The NaviCard is the size of a business card and serves the purpose of programming destinations into navigation devices. The NaviCard contains photographs and text information related to a location. The navigation device plans the route to the destination shown on the card based on a thin barcode placed on the NaviCard card.

NaviCard minta
^ This is NaviCard card ^
This card will program your navigation device to the Golden Gate Bridge. Read below to find out how...

Smartphone devices can be made capable of reading NaviCard cards and automatically program their navigation systems to the destination without any action needed. This requires the NaviCard app that needs to be installed on the smartphone.

The NaviCard application can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The application programs the smartphone navigation system to the destination within 5 seconds of being launched!

All you have to do is point the smartphone camera at a NaviCard card, and the smartphone will be ready to navigate the next moment!

Downloading the NaviCard application also only takes a few seconds. This way, you will be ready to use this new feature within minutes, which will soon open up new venues in the advertising industry, tourism, and several areas of private life.

If you have a smartphone, don't wait, try it now! Your personal experience will convince you that we are offering you an excellent quality tool that is extremely useful!

If you have never used a navigation solution before because you found them too complex to handle, or did not have the patience to type in the desired address letter by letter, the opportunity to use a navigation solution everyday in comfort will now open up for you. The traditional method of programming destinations is uncomfortable and time consuming. The same process becomes quick and enjoyable if you use a NaviCard card.

It might be difficult to believe that all you need to do is to "show" a card with a photo on it to your smartphone, which will then politely show you the way until you find the location on the photograph. However, this is true! You do not need to type in a single line into your device or utter a single word - the destination will be programmed without this.

In time, you will find NaviCard cards in every magazine and flier, at hotel receptions, in guidebooks, at travel agencies and newsstands, which can be used to program your device to the point of interest. In addition, you yourself may also create a NaviCard card of any location in the world quickly and easily. All you need to do so is a computer with a Windows operating system, Google Chrome browser and Internet access. Please see the other sections of our web site for various NaviCard features.

The world of NaviCard offers you an immeasurable number of new opportunities! While you will be able to program your navigation device to the destination more quickly and easily than ever before, several forms of new applications will serve your comfort.

The lite version of the iOS NaviCard application can be downloaded for FREE from the App Store! The price of the full version is $ 11.99, which approximately corresponds to an amount of fuel that is sufficient for 100 miles. This investment can ensure for long years to come that whenever you encounter a NaviCard card, NaviCard business card, NaviCard ticket, NaviCard invitation card, or any other similar tool anywhere in the world, you will be immediately able to use these tools to your greatest satisfaction. Look at how NaviCard app works!

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